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Matchpoint is now using for Booking Courts

Please go to

to make a guest account to view times available


Non-Member Open Play Policy

Registration Opens for Non-Member Open play 24 Hours before the event start time and can only be added by contacting the club, you can view availabilty on the app

Space is limited, please reserve a spot.

If you show up without reserving you maybe turned away. 

Slots are limited to ensure fair play time for all participants.


2.0-2.75 Open Play

For the novice  that sustains a short rally with players of equal ability. Demonstrating the basic shot strokes, but has obvious weaknesses in most strokes and seldom dinks. Familiar with court positioning in doubles play and knows how to score.

Tuesday 7-9pm      5 slots

Friday 11am-1pm     5 slots

Sunday 2-4pm      10 slots

Friday 7-9pm    5 slots

 3.0+ Open Play 

For the player that is more consistent on the serve and service return and when returning medium-paced balls. Demonstrates improved skills with all the basic shot strokes and shot placement but lacks control when trying for direction, depth, or power on their shots. Beginning to attempt lobs and dinks with little success and doesn’t fully understand when and why they should be used.

Monday 7-9pm       10 slots

Tuesday 11am-1pm     10 slots

Thursday 11am-1pm        10 slots

Saturday 1-3pm      10 slots

Sunday 12-2pm     10 slots

 3.5+ Open Play 

For the player that demonstrates stroke dependability with directional control on most medium-paced balls and some faster-paced balls. Has control when trying for direction, depth, and power on their shots. Needs to develop variety with their shots. Exhibits some aggressive net play.  Learning about the importance of strategy and teamwork in doubles.

  Wednesday  5-7pm     10 slots

  Friday 7-9pm    10 slots

Please email us for questions about where you belong


Can register at 12pm the day of for evening slots

and 6pm the day before for daytime slots

T: 845.615.8560 / 845.294.0017 /

MatchPoint Tennis / Goshen Sports Complex
1717 Route 17M

Goshen, NY 10924

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